Virus Face Mask for Corona Virus COVID-19

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Coronavirus Face Mask for Coronavirus

The best face mask for Corona Virus COVID-19. YIPAK is fighting Covid-19
Biological Indicator for Hydrogen Peroxide VH2O2

Biological Indicator for Hydrogen Peroxide VH2O2 Plasma for monitoring sterilization Process -Rapid 1 Hour
Face Mask Isolation with Ear Loop

Basic Isolation Face Mask Virus Resistance. YIPAK offers 3ply face mask.
CSSD Workstation

Multiple Use of Work Station for CSSD
CSSD Rotary Sealers / Medical Sealing Machines

New Tech of Ceramic Heater , designed for CSSD of Hospital
Plasma Sterilization Indicator Tape

Consistent BLUE to PINK color change for vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Adhesive is medical grade Lead free and Latex free for ink and whole tape