Biological Indicator for Hydrogen Peroxide VH2O2

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Biological Indicator for Hydrogen Peroxide VH2O2 Plasma for monitoring sterilization Process -Rapid 1 Hour
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Biological Indicator for  Hydrogen Peroxide VH2O2 

Fast Understanding 

Biological Indicator is specifically designed for the monitoring of Plasma or Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization processes. If sterilization process was not successful, the indicator media will change from purple to yellow after incubation between 55-62 ºC, thus indicating the presence of live Geobacillus stearotermophilus spores. If the sterilization process was effective, the indicator media will remain purple after incubation. The final readout should be made after 24 hours of incubation between 55-62 ºC.

Storage Condition 

Store in a dark place under the next conditions: Temperatures between 10-30 ºC, Relative Humidity 30-80 %. Do not freeze. Do not store biological indicators near sterilizing agents or other chemical products.

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